Wolkenwanderer – in German

Sabira Ståhlberg’s novel ”Molnvandraren” / ”Pilvivaeltaja” (originally written in Swedish and Finnish, has been published in German, titled ”Wolkenwanderer”. The translator is Hannes Langendörfer and the book was published with the support of FILI, Finnish Literature Exchange.wolken_mini

The novel tells about a girl who wanders like the clouds in the sky. She is different from the other kids in Finland and looks for a place where she can be herself. Only her Grandfather helps her. She follows in the footsteps of his life and sets out on an adventurous journey into the East, to the river Idel, where everything started.

The book was presented in German at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2014 and is available in three languages, soon four with Bulgarian, at Lecti Bookshop.

Wolkenwanderer”, 300 pages

Lecti Book Studio 2014

ISBN 978-619-192-015-0 (Paper book)

ISBN 978-619-192-030-3 (PDF)

ISBN 978-619-192-016-7 (EPUB)