Polyglotta translated into English

The most multilingual author in Finland, Sabira Ståhlberg, has written a funny, attractive and thought-provoking collection of poetry.

The poetry consists of many languages and different points of view, often surprising and sudden in three-line haiku style, or longer poems with witty dialogues.

The poems reflect the author’s experiences and wanderings in and out of languages and cultures.

This small but very intense poetry book contains more than 30 languages and several alphabets.

Sabira Stahlberg’s multilingual poetry book Polyglotta sabirica has been translated by the author herself into English.

Sabira Ståhlberg

Polyglotta sabirica inglisch

Lecti Book Studio 2017

64 pages, 600 kb

ISBN 978-619-192-228-4 (Paper)

ISBN 978-619-192-229-1 (PDF)

ISBN 978-619-192-230-7 (EPUB)

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