New Ant Adventures

mravki_prikl_cover_miniAnthea and her new friend Antonia live peacefully in the tree stump. Antonia cannot walk, because a pine cone has fallen on her legs. Anthea makes a wheelchair, but it breaks down and they fall into a pit where a monster is waiting for its prey…

Anthea goes away and Antonia remains home alone. Antonia has an accident and is brought to the wrong hospital – to the hostile red ants! Can Anthea save her and bring her home again?

Ursula Vuorenlinna’s ants participate in two new adventures – The Great Wheelchair Adventure and The Great Hospital Adventure, here in one book with original illustrations.

Ursula Vuorenlinna

The Great Ant Adventure

English and Bulgarian

Translation Marianne Ståhlberg (English) and Rositsa Tsvetanova (Bulgarian)

80 pages

Illustrations Victor Bäck

ISBN 978-619-192-061-7

ISBN 978-619-192-062-4 (PDF)

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