Moments at Gothenburg Book Fair

Lecti Book Studio in cooperation with the Bokpil project received a huge response from the visitors during the Gothenburg Book Fair, Sweden, end of September 2017.

Bulgaria and Finland 100 years with Sabira Ståhlberg, Reinhold Enqvist, Maria Viitasalo and Per-Olof Swing, as well as the larder of ethnobiologist Ingvar Svanberg were popular programmes.

It was our first time at the Swedish fair and especially the interest in our Easy Reads was great among families, teachers and librarians.

Many persons working with newly arrived immigrants and elderly also found possibilities to use our books in their activities.

Here are some glimpses from the Gothenburg Book Fair. Visit us at Helsinki Book Fair end of October!

Ingvar Svanberg talks about food from nature


Maria Viitasalo explains about Easy Read books
Per-Olof Swing and Dr. Sabira Ståhlberg discuss the Balkans
Per-Olof Swing discusses with Reinhold Enqvist (right) about Finland 100 years