Lecti Book Studio at Gothenburg and Helsinki Book Fairs

Lecti Book Studio took part in the Fellowship programme of the Swedish Arts Council in Gothenburg (Göteborg) Book Fair end of September 2015 in Sweden. During the book fair we had the possibility to get acquainted with the Swedish book market, Swedish authors and publishers and learn more about the present trends in book publishing.

Writer seminar in Helsinki
Writer seminar in Helsinki

Before the book fair in Helsinki end of October Lecti Culture Centre organised a unique multilingual writers’ seminar at the Nordic Culture Point with participants from three continents.

Ivo Ivanov and Rositsa Tsvetanova with Ursula Vuorenlinna's new ant book
Ivo Ivanov and Rositsa Tsvetanova with Ursula Vuorenlinna’s new ant book

At the fair Lecti Book Studio shared an exhibition stand with Villa Schildt from Ekenäs, Finland. On the scenes our authors Dr. Sabira Ståhlberg, Ivo Ivanov and Elisabeth Sandelin presented their books and discussed different topics, and translator Rositsa Tsvetanova talked with Magnus Lindberg from Villa Schildt about translating the sea. Sandelin, Ståhlberg and Tsvetanova were also interviewed by the national radio Yle in Swedish.

At the stand Lecti Book Studio and working group Sivuvalo organised an international, multilingual reading with immigrant authors, and for children we arranged a reading in four languages from Ursula Vuorenlinna’s newest books about ants. The Lecti/Villa Schildt was the most multilingual stand at the book fair and it had a lot of visitors, including the former president of Finland, Tarja Halonen.

Lecti author Elisabeth Sandelin speaks about Sicily
Lecti author Elisabeth Sandelin speaks about the Mediterranean with Jenni Reuter and Magnus Lindberg