Invasion Paradies

Invasion Paradies is the first comprehensive reader in multicultural Finnish literature. Edited by the literary scholar Johanna Domokos and translated into German by her students in University of Bielefeld, the book includes a vast selection of texts by Finnish authors.

In addition to original literary texts composed in the many languages of Finland (besides Finnish, these include Swedish, Sámi, Russian, Berg-Mari, Somalian, English, Meänkieli, Tatar, French, and Spanish), the collection features interviews, reviews, and literary articles by local and international authors, helping to contextualize the present multicultural turn of Finnish literature.

invasion_coverInvasion Paradies. Lesebuch über die Möglichkeiten, Finne zu sein. Ein multikulturelles Plädoyer.

Editor: Johanna Domokos

Translation: Gruppe Bie

438 pages

Pluralica 2014

ISBN 978-963-89336-8-3

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