Ursula Vuorenlinna

ursula_vuorenlinnaUrsula works as a translator from Finnish to Swedish: “The best thing I know is to write my own stories. I started when I was 14, mostly about horses, and later I wrote other things. Other hobbies are the Literary Society of Nyland (Southern Finland) and I sing in a choir. I also support Gun who is in a wheelchair. She has inspired me to write my two newest books, The Great Wheelchair Adventure and The Great Hospital Adventure (forthcoming at Lecti Book Studio).”

Ursula writes mostly in Swedish, but her books are always published in two languages, originally Swedish and Finnish. Her three first books, The Story about Butterfly Buddy, The Story about Grasshopper Greg and The Story about Ten-Thousand-And-Three were published in English and Bulgarian in 2014 by Lecti Book Studio and are available in Lecti Bookshop.

Interview and reviews in Lecti Magazine

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