We at Lecti believe that all work can be done with responsibility. We are committed to reducing our impact on nature and continually improving our environmental performance, as an integral and fundamental part of our thinking, strategy, daily tasks and operating methods.

We aim at working in a sustainable and environmental-friendly manner, using good environmental practices in all our activities.

It is also a priority for us to encourage all our partners to do the same. This is sound common sense for us, here and now – and it gives future generations the possibility to enjoy this wonderful world.

Our goals – and challenges are:

  • Comply with existing environmental regulations and applicable codes of practice
  • Assess the environmental effects of all our operations
  • Continuously seek to improve our environmental performance
  • Raise awareness, encourage participation and arrange trainings
  • Efficient use of raw materials and natural resources, energy and supplies
  • Minimising pollution, emissions and waste
  • Expect similar environmental standards from our partners
  • Assist participants and customers in making environmental-friendly choices
  • Work closely with local communities
  • Participate in discussions and education about environmental issues
  • Monitor progress and review our performance regularly