Lecti works with three main projects, supporting the development of education especially in the Balkans.

Easy Reads

Our main project is Easy Reads publishing books in easy language for all age groups and in different languages. Easy Read books are created specifically to support and help persons who find it hard to learn to read or who have reading difficulties, or are learning a new language.

All income from Easy Read books published by Lecti Book Studio goes to publishing new Easy Read books in Balkan and other languages.

School visits

We have a vision: to broaden the horizons of children, so that they can create a meaningful future for themselves and be more motivated to study. Lecti regularly visits schools in Bulgaria, where we meet with children with different languages.

Foreign guests talk, read, write, play games, ask questions, dance, sing and play music with the children, motivating them to learn and creating interest towards learning more. Our goal is motivating and supporting the learning process and working together with the teachers at the schools.

Cooperation in Bulgaria and Romania

In 1877-1878 a thousand men of the Finnish Guard participated in the Russian-Ottoman war, travelling through Romania and Bulgaria. Together with travel agency Lecti Adventure we create cooperation and develop the regions where the Finnish Guard stayed.

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